International Week 2022 at Turku UAS, Faculty of Health and Well-being

Online 26.4.2022 11:30

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26th–28th April, 2022

Cornerstones for the Future: Research, Development, Innovation and Education in Health and Well-being

(NB. The event will be organized entirely as a webinar – No events taking place on campus) 


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Please note that all times are Finnish time!
11.30 Finnish time = 8.30 GMT

TUESDAY 26 April 2022


11.30 Opening, Opening words by Anne Isotalo, PhD, Dean
11.45-12.15 Mirkka Ruotsalainen: Turku UAS international activities
12.15-13.00 Oshin Behl (University of Pardubice): Utilizing global connections for medtech innovations
13.00-13.45 Gražina Šniepienė (Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences): Brain – gut – skin axis in acne: awareness and perception in young population


WEDNESDAY 27 April 2022


10.00-10.45 Rina Vanden Panhuyzen (AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp): When to end a life?
10.45-11.30 Nicky Hereygers (AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp): Palliative sedation and nursing experience



12.30-13.00 Virtual visit to Kunnonkoti center
13.00-13.15 Roberta Bikuliciene (Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences): Tai Chi exercises in chronic non-communicable diseases: scientific literature review
13.15-13.25 Break excercise by Turku UAS Physiotherapy students



14.15-15.00 Neeltje Schubert (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences): Academic Supervision of Practical Training in Midwifery Education
15.15-16.00 Lucy Kirkham (Sheffield Hallam University): Simulated placements in undergraduate nursing courses


Please note that all times are Finnish time!
10.00 Finnish time = 7.00 GMT


THURSDAY 28 April 2022


10.00-12.00 Focus on research projects in Health and Well-being
10.00-10.15 Marion Karppi (Turku UAS): RENE – Renewing Ergonomic Education for Education for Health Care Students in European HEIs
10.15-10.30 Wilhelm Mistiaen (AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp): The predictors of dementia in the long-term follow-up after aortic valve replacement
10.30-10.45 Daiva Lenčiauskienė (Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences): Relationship between thigh soft tissue mechanical properties and BMI after total knee replacement
10.45-11.00 Martynas Ramanauskas (Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences): The usage of wearable sensors to analyse the gait
11.00-11.15 Ursula Hyrkkänen (Turku UAS): Building a center of expertise for the physical activity of children and youth
11.15-11.30 Jurgita Boltutiene (Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences): Kneipp method and philosophy in regional sustainable development: practical research
11.30-11.45 Vitalija Gerikienè (Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences): Problems and Challenges of Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Intensive Care Units During the COVID-19 Pandemic



12.30-14.30 Turku UAS Master School keynote speakers and poster sessions

12.30-12.50 Evanthia Sakellari (University of West Attica, Vilnius University): Community active participation in Health Promotion
12.50-13.10 Justyna Siemionov (University of Gdansk): Residential child care practice based on cognitive and behavioral theory



13.15-14.30 Master School graduating students’ Master thesis presentations

STUDENT SESSION I (Moderator Virpi Sulosaari) 

Hanna Ruokoniemi, Radiographer, Student (Master of Health Care). Support of mental well-being of teleworkers as part of general well-being at work.  

Oona Alkhalil Social Advisor, Student (Master of Social Services). “Management of workplace well-being in teleworking .”  

Maarit Hallia, RN, Student (Master of Health Care), “OCCUPATIONAL HEALTHCARE SUPPORTING WELL-BEING – Tools for client service focusing on mental well-being. ”  

Miia Savilampi, RN, Master Student Of Health Care. Is the organization resilient to the crisis?  

Milla Lindlöf, RN, Student (Master of Health Promotion). “COMMITTED OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH COOPERATION – Survey for customer companies.”  

Anniina Väisänen, Student, Master Of Social and Health Care. Workshop better, work tasks clearer!  

Maiju Mönkkönen, Midwife, RN, Student (Master of Health Care). Using 360° interactive video simulation in teaching surgical nursing.  

Anita Lehtisaari, RN, Student (Masters of Health Care). The role of Palliative Nurse Consultant in Social Security Center of Pori -pilot.  

Milla Lintula, RN, Student (Master of Health Care). Home folder for the customers monitored by hospice care coordinator in home care of the city of  Turku.  

Tiina Jakobsson, RN, Student (Master Of Health Care). High quality hospice care for the elderly.  


STUDENT SESSION II (Moderator Sanna-Maria Nurmi)

Essi Kortetmäki, Student (Master). Motivation of the biomedical laboratory scientist students’ to study independently.  


Sari Honkavaara, RN, Student (Master of Health Care). “Promoting vocational school students’ health – An annual activity clock for the Turku Vocational Institute.”  

Hue Duong-Puuperä, RN, Student (Master of Health Care). Designing a health promoting mobile application for vocational school students in project ANKKURI  

Iina Koskiranta, PT, Student (Master of Health Promotion). A business model for physiotherapist’s.  

Riikka Heinonen, Student (Master of Health Care). Effectiveness of TMD physiotherapy.  

Maarit Havia, Dentalhygienisti, Student (Master Of Health Care). Development of an Exercise and Lifestyle Guidance Group and Evaluation of its Effectiveness.  

Piia Luukkanen, Physiotherapist, Stundent (Master Of Health Care, health tecnology). Training consept for Indego Personal exoskeleton.  

Lotta Katajapuu-Rutanen, Health Nurse, Student (Master of Health Care). Integration of Rehabilitation and Physical Activity. “Step to the nature for toddler’s families welfare.”  

Eeva Kivekäs, Student, Master School, Health Promotion. “Occupational therapy assessment for children in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ HyMy-Village (Wellbeing from Myllypuro) – Planning and designing a new service for children in need of occupational therapy assessment in Helsinki (age 4-5 years).”  

Petra Alamäki, Student, Master of Social Services. Experiences of eating disorders and sex.  


STUDENT SESSION III (Moderator Eeva Timonen-Kallio) 

Maaria Nortunen, Student, master of health care. Quality for children and young people of Southern Ostrobothnia! – A guide to drawing up a Plan for the Wellbeing of children and young people.  

Saara Salonen, Master of social services. On the way to independence.  

Anne Brunberg, RN, Student (Master of Social and Health Care). Coordination between online and physical family center functions.  

Hanna Filatoff , Student (Master of Social Services). Finding out the opinion of children living in blended family through child-centered service design – modifying the Stepapp-application.  

Maaria Nortunen, Student, Master of Health promotion. “Quality for children and young people of Southern Ostrobothnia! -A guide to drawing up a Regional Welfare Plan for children and young people in Southern Ostrobothnia.”  

Elisa Silven, Public health nurse, Student (Master Of Health Care). “Early support in cases of delay in child`s language development – Operating model to support forwarding to groups.”  

Henrietta Tavio, Student (Master of Social Services). Involuntary special care of people with intellectual disability.  

Susanna Bäärs , RN, Student (Master Of Health Care). Information needs of school nurses to support youth drug-free.  

Hanna Koskensyrjä, Student (Master of Social Services). Experiences of cooperative entrepreneurs in social services and health care.  

Selja Eskonen, Student Master of Health Care. Nature-oriented exercise to rehabilitative work in Valo-Valmennusyhdistys.  


STUDENT SESSION IV (Moderator Katja Heikkinen) 

Erno Pakkanen, RN, Student (Master Of Health Care. Simulation for safe encounter with a patient.  

Sara Sternberg, DH, Student (Master of Social and Health Care Development and Management). Care Pathway for Oral Health Care of People with Dementia.  

Mari Löfstedt RN, Student of Master School, Master of Gerontology. “Nutrition and aging -a guide supporting working with disabled persons.”  

Kirsi Mannila, Master´s Degree Programme in Social Services and Health Care. Integration of Rehabilitation and Physical Activity “Home-based daytime activity – a new form of day activity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”  

Heli Asklöf, RN, Student (Master of Health Care). Development of referral practice for patients coming from home to the Salo Geriatric Unit.  

Sanna Miettinen, Physiotherapist, Student (Master’s Degree Programme in Social Services and Health Care; Integration of Rehabilitation and Physical Activity). “Low threshold physical activity counselling for older people living at home – Developing a physical activity counselling model in the City of Helsinki.”  

Nina Tetri, PT, Student (Master Of Health Care). Creating a concept model of Elderly Welfare Clinic to promote health of older people in Southwest Finland.  

Anniina Perttula, PT, Student Master of Health Care. Integration of Rehabilitation and Physical Activity -The main factors in the exercise of older people in sports clubs.  

Tuula Kuuskeri RN, Master school student, Master of Health care/ Advanced nursing practise. “A health and care plan as a tool for diabetes nurses.”  

Milla Maaniitty, RN, Student (Master of Health Care).Improving RNs’ guidance competence in childhood diabetes and health technology.  


STUDENT SESSION V (Moderator Marjo Harju) 

Anne-Mai Drugg, Student (Master Of Health Care). Self scheduled shift planning at Turku University Hospitals Department of Emergency Radiology.  

Päivi Laine, BLS, Student (Master of Health Care). Tyks Laboratories´unified sample logistics.  

Merja Väinölä, RN, Public Health Nurse, Master school student. Identifying and eliminating waste in emergency services and inpatient wards.  

Ella Snirvi, Radiographer, Master of Health Care student. Development of an employee orientation process.  

Marja Sederholm, RN, Student (Master of Health Care). Converting an Institutional Care Unit into an Intensive Service Housing Unit: A Supportive Report.  

Satu Pulkkinen, RN, Student (Master Of Health Care). Creating a medication plan for Myllynkiventie memory homes.  

Jenni Hukkanen, Advanced Practice, Cancer Care, Student. Supporting relatives of cancer patients through online group chat.  

Hanna Helle, RN, Student (Master of Health Care). Successful physician-nurse task shifting in blood donor eligibility assessment at the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service.  



Outi Koskinen School Nurse, Student (Master of Health Care). “Free contraception of under 25 years old in Pirkanmaa .”  

Mirja Jankes. RN, Student (Master Of Health Care). Developing an Oral Health Application for Pregnant Mothers.  

Sanna Ruohonen, Student (Master of Health Care), Clean up your mouth! Oral care guide for vocational school students.  

Ann-Christine Silvan, Midwife, RN, Student (Master Of Healthcare). Threatened preterm birth- The effects of bedrest on mother’ s mental and physical wellbeing.  

Annika Kenenounis, Public health nurse, Student (Master Of Health Care). “Preventing childhood obesity; creating prevention methods and treatment path in Lohja´s child health clinic.”  


Niina Heikkurinen, PT, MHS, student (Master of Health Care). Circus-Specific Needs in Training.  

Veera Niemenoja, Criminal sanctions official, Student (Master of Management and Leadership in Health Care). “Learning to live again”  

Annika Ruuskanen, RN, Student Master of Health Care. Developing Forensic Outpatient Clinic. 



15.00-15.45 Vatcharin Wuthironarith (Rangsit University): Telecounseling for Clients with COVID-19 in Home Isolation: Mental Health Nursing Practice


Please note that there is no participation fee.​​​​​​​

The Turku UAS Faculty of Health and Well-being educates future professionals to work in the field of health care and social services. The starting point for the teaching activities at Turku UAS is innovation pedagogy, a learning approach emphasizing multidisciplinary, experimental and practice-oriented learning.  We are one of the actors of the Health Campus Turku, a significant multidisciplinary education cluster formed by four higher education institutions and a university hospital. 


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