Welcome to TUAS International Weeks

TUAS international weeks provide you with an excellent opportunity to exchange information and network with colleagues from around the world as well as plan future co-operation with TUAS staff.

In addition to the official part, the international weeks also have an active social programme. You get to explore the beautiful city of Turku, and to experience the most typical features of the Nordic lifestyle!

Both our European partners (Erasmus+ programme) and our partners from overseas are welcome to our International Weeks.



TUAS International Weeks


The 8th International Week at TUAS, Faculty of Health and Well-being

Ruiskatu Campus, Turku, Finland 25.9.2017 0:00

We want to welcome you to the 8th international week at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health and Well-being, on September 25 – 29, 2017. You will gain good experiences from this......

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This Year: 3 Different Weeks - Over 10 Different Themes!