Thank you for choosing Turku, Finland!

This page will guide you in few tips and tricks that will help you during your journey. Welcome aboard.


Accommodation options in Turku


Here you can find some suggestions of different accommodations.

You can also find some details helpful when making the reservation.

Hotel Centro
   Yliopistonkatu 12a, 20100 Turku
€   98 € / 1 person room, 114 € / 2 person room (per night)
Free WiFi
Price includes breakfast

Reservations:, use the reservation code 644549


Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs
   Kauppiaskatu 6, 20100 Turku
Free WiFi
Price includes breakfast, use of sauna and pool
At the center of turku, good bus connections to all campuses

9.-13.4. standard single 114 € / night / room OR standard double 124 € / night / room
3.-7.6. standard single 114 € / night / room OR standard double 124 € / night / room

Booking:, reservation code “International week”

Sokos Hotel City Börs
   Eerikinkatu 23, 20100 Turku
Free WiFi
Price includes breakfast, use of sauna and pool
At the center of turku, good bus connections to all campuses

9.-13.4.2018 standard single 98 € / night / room / room OR standard double 108 € / night / room
3.-7.6.2018 standard single 104 € / night / room OR standard double 114 € / night / room

Booking:, reservation code “International week”


Inn22 – Majatalo 22
   Vanha Littoistentie 22, 20540 Turku
    Single room 40-48€, twin room 60-72€ depending on the size of the room and the length of the stay
 Free WiFi

Close to ICT City and Lemminkäisenkatu campus. Cozy self-service kitchen, shared toilets and bathrooms, sauna and the use of laundry facilities are included in the price.



Omena Hotel
   Humalistonkatu 7, 20100 Turku
 Free WiFi

FORENOM (Rented apartments)
Nice option if travelling with family

Airbnb (Rented apartments)


Arriving to Turku


The easiest way to travel to Turku is by plane. There are regular connections to Turku from Helsinki, Stockholm, Gdansk and Riga. From Turku airport there are regular buses (€ 3,00) to the city center. There are also taxis waiting outside the terminal (airport – city centre € 20–25). You shouldn’t have any problems getting to the city centre (by bus or taxi) rather quickly, as Turku is not a very big city.

If your flight arrives in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, there are also frequent bus connections going every hour to Turku from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The long-distance bus from the terminal 1 leaves from platform 13-14 and from the terminal 2 the bus leaves from platform 23-24. Timetables can be found below (Place of departure: Helsinki-Vantaa Terminal 1 or 2, Destination: Turku). You can also get a train to Turku from Helsinki-Vantaa airport (transfer at Pasila station). You can get really good deal with the train too if you book the tickets well in advance.

You can find the timetables and fares on the companies’ webpages:





Find ICT City and Other Campuses


There are various buses going to different campuses from the market place (Please note: not all of the bus stops closest to different campuses are exactly in front of the main entrance, so you may have to walk a few meters).


  Ruiskatu Campus
    Ruiskatu 8

Bus no61 leaves from front of H&M-shop near the market square in the centre of town. In the front of bus 61 it should say ’61 Ilpoinen’. The nearest bus stop to Ruiskatu Campus is stop no 504, next to Petrelius swimming pool.

You can also get the bus no18 to Ruiskatu campus. With no18 you would have to get off at the bus stop 505 and follow the map to walk to the campus. Usually there are some students in the same bus that you might be able to ask for help or follow. Follow the link below to print a map of the campus and the bus route 61. Address: Ruiskatu 8 (‘Ammattikorkeakoulu’ on the map).

Click here to see the map

Bus stops near Ruiskatu campus

  ICT City
    Joukahaisenkatu 3

Take the bus no. 32 or 42 (towards Varissuo). The closest bus stop to ICT City is by the Kupittaa railway station, please ask the driver to let you know when to get off. If you prefer to walk, the easiest route from the market place to the ICT City is the following:

  1. First walk along Eerikinkatu towards the Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko)
  2. Turn right to Aninkaistenkatu and cross the river, and after the bridge follow Uudenmaankatu for 750 meters, then turn left to Itäinen pitkäkatu (later Tykistökatu)
  3. Walk straight for 700 meters, and turn right to Joukahaisenkatu.

Bus stops near ICT-City

  Lemminkäisenkatu campus
    Lemminkäisenkatu 30

Take the bus no. 60 (towards Vaala), 32A (towards Varissuo) or 221 (towards Kaarina)

Bus stops near Lemminkäisenkatu campus

  Linnankatu campus (Arts Academy)
    Linnankatu 54-60

Take the bus no. 1 (towards Satama/ Harbour)


  Sepänkatu campus
    Sepänkatu 1

  1. First walk along Aurakatu towards the Aura river.
  2. Cross the river and after the bridge follow Kaskenkatu for 300 meters.
  3. Then turn right to Luostarinkatu and walk sraight for 300 meters. Sepänkatu campus is at the end of the street.


Bus Stops at The Market Place


All the local buses leave from the market place, see the map below:



Load pdf:



Bus Tickets, Cards and Timetables





  • Föli Turku Region Traffic webpage here
  • Public Transport Service Office, Address: Aurakatu 5, Tel: (02) 262 4811, Open: Mon- Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-2pm, webpage here
  • Visit Turku Tourist Information, Address: Aurakatu 2, Tel: +358 2 262 7444, Open: Mon- Fri 8.30am-6pm, Sat- Sun 9am-4pm (Apr-Sep) (Oct-Mar: Sat-Sun 10am-3pm), webpage here
  • Find bus timetables and journey planner here




There is affordable lunch available at all the campuses. Prices range between 4,20€-7,50€ depending on what you want to eat. There are also different options for sandwiches and lighter snacks at the campus cafeterias, if you do not wish to eat a hefty lunch. During the events some of the lunches will be provided. Please refer to the specific program of the week that you are taking part in.


Certificates of Participation


All the guests will receive a certificate of participation by TUAS at the feedback session on Friday.

If you need a customized certificate with specific content just for you, please let us know your requirements during the week, so that we can produce personalized certificate with the desired content for you.

If you have any Erasmus documents from your home university, the organisers for the international week will sign and stamp all needed documents during the week.


Instructions for pitching

Pitch = a speech which is short, concise, compact, efficient
You have 3 minutes to sell your idea about a cooperation in e.g. project, development of (virtual) teaching methods, curriculum development, online course, joint modules etc.
PowerPoints are ok, but not necessary, remember that you have 3 minutes!
Be precise and to the point!
First we will hear all the pitches and after that we will be divided into groups according to interest to continue the discussion in more detail.


WiFi at TUAS Campuses


On TUAS Campuses, you can sign into our TUAS Guest network using your own e-mail address. You can ask for assistance from our info desk at the ICT City. We have also reserved a computer room for those who do not have an own laptop with them.

Instructions for the TUAS Guest network:

Choose TUAS Guest from available networks. After you have joined the network you need to open the
browser which will take you to login portal.
For successful login and registering you need to give a valid email address and accept the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’. After this you will be automatically logged in and browser redirects you to the TUAS website.
Limitations of the network:
Normal browsing, tunneling protocols and secure email protocols are allowed from TUAS Guest -network with limited bandwidth. Automatically created user credentials will be valid for 8 hours. After 8 hours you must login again.



TUAS Campus Shop

Possibility to buy TUAS products (hoodies, beanies, mugs, reflectors etc.)
In Lemminkäisenkatu library premises, open Mon 9-17.30, Tue 9-16, Wed 9-17.30, Thu 9-16 and Fri 9-14
More information here.