Sharing Excellence Week for Administrative Staff

3.6.2018 15:00

Sharing Excellence Week for Administrative Staff 3-7 June 2018

‘Excellence in action’ is the title of our new strategy. Excellence is an important goal not only for students and lecturers, but also for staff working in administration, and it is an idea we would like to share with our colleagues from all over the world.

Now we would like to invite you to share your excellence with us!

What kind of excellence can be found in your own university? What kind of excellence would you like to learn from your colleagues? What could we do together in the future? Join us and share your expertise with your colleagues on our Sharing Excellence Week! You can also suggest a topic of conversation, or present some good practices from your own institution.

Practical information

  • Please register here  before 30 April, 2018
  • The participation fee is 150 €. This fee will cover the lunches during the week and evening programmes on Sunday and Wednesday. The fee can be paid by credit card when registering or by using an invoice (an extra invoice fee of €5). The other costs, such as travel, accommodation and daily allowance expenses, should be covered by the participants.
  • All registered applicants will be accepted to the week.
  • Please notice, that you will need the following information when filling in the registration form:
    • Credit card details OR
    • Information for an invoice: name of the organization, reference, street address, postal code, city, country and possible a VAT number, if required by your institution.
    • In case you cannot finish the application, please start the registration process again using the same link above.
  • Cancellations: Full return of the participation fee, if cancelled by 12 May, 2017, after which the participation fees will not be returned.
  • Please notice that there is a big sports event in Turku during the same week as our Sharing Excellence Week, and because of that, many of the hotels are already fully booked from Thursday to Sunday. We would not want this to cause problems for our guests, which is why we begin our programme on Sunday 3 June, and end it already Thursday 7 June. This way we can make sure that everybody finds suitable accommodation for the time of the week. Please make sure you book your accommodation as early as possible. You can find more info on accommodation in the Practical Info page.



The theme of the international week in 2018 is ‘Customer in Focus – Designing Services in Higher Education’.  The programme is partly intended for everyone, and partly theme-specific. The subthemes organised by different units are:


Designing Student and Admission Services

Financial Services

Human Resources


Contract and Innovation Services

  • How to recognize innovations? Sharing best practices in universities.
  • Contract and legal services related to commercialization process
  • The effect of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in research, development and innovation agreements.

Multicustomer communications – defining customer and designing services

We approach the theme of the International Week of 2018, ’Customer in Focus – Designing Services in Higher Education’ by reflecting and discussing the different types of customers of the communications services and the services that are currently needed in the branch of communications in higher education institutes.  Who are our customers?  How do we identify and categorize our different target groups? How do we serve them and in which channels?  Moreover, what is the exact service we offer? Is the role of the communications services to communicate or to enable communications carried out by others? In higher education institutes with the main target group of communications services being the students, who is in charge of external communications? These questions provide a framework for the productive and interactive discussions we wish to start. There will also be an opportunity for job shadowing in order to offer our visitors a glimpse of what we do in TUAS Communications Services and how.  Suitable for those working with or interested in communications, marketing and social media.


Physical & Digital Campus Services

Learn and share new ideas for developing modern campus services! What kind of physical and digital services support students, staff and all the stakeholders in the future?

Contents of the theme includes eg. following services:

  • Facilities Services
  • Security
  • Space Bookings and Navigation
  • IT Services

The theme’s programme is organized by the unit of Learning Environment Services and the unit of Facilities Management.

The programme is suitable for anyone interested in designing physical or digital campus services, for example staff in facility and campus services, education services, IT services etc.


Pedagogical Solutions

International Summer School, Digital Summer Semester, Innovative Curriculum


RDI Services

Funding instruments (Horizon, Erasmus+, Interreg etc.)

Research groups


Services in International Relations & Mobility

Suitable for international office staff, international coordinators and anyone who’s interested in internationalization.

How to support and develop services in the student and staff mobility? How could we develop our services so that the bureaucracy would be easier both to students and staff? What kind of services would we need to develop to encourage the students to open their minds for internationalization and  to make the incoming students to feel at home in the new environment?

  • Student services for outgoing and incoming exchange students
  • How to cope with increasing bureaucracy caused by Erasmus+ programme? Solutions and experiences
  • Electronic services for exchange students (Mobility-Online)


University and Business Cooperation: From Customer to Partnership

Identifying the customer and developing the relationship is our focus. Customer segmentation helps to serve and provide the customer with the right services . Tools such as  Microsoft Dynamics 365 help us to manage customer relations. We engage our personnel in customer service with the help of information, a new handbook and training. Our unit Services for Business  would like to share our experience with you and learn how your manage customer relations and develop them into partnership. Please join us in our workshops!

From customer to partnership – Mrs Kirsti Virtanen

TUAS unit Services for Business is the coordinating unit for business cooperation. Our focus is on building long-term partnerships with our stakeholders and engaging them in our different fields of expertise and activities.  Putting the customer in focus means a change in both attitude and action and requires efficient tools and training. How do you manage and serve your customers?

Marketing and selling continuing education and services  – Ms Marianne Renvall and Ms Aino Alastalo

We offer a wide range of continuous education, training and services for the development of organizations and individuals. The marketing & sales processes are monitored in our new Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool. With the help of the tool we can more efficiently match the customer´s needs and our services. After carefully mapping the current situation with the customer, we thrive in finding the right solutions within our community of 10 000 professionals.

Career and Recruitment Services- Mr Mikko Niskanen

What kind of recruitment services do we offer to the students and employers? All participants will shortly present the services offered by his/her university. Meeting with Finnish recruiters, discussing their opinion about recruitment needs and services.

Using personal evaluation tools to help students in identifying their strengths and talents. Not a job, not a traineeship but a place to learn – how to match students and employers projects?

Alumni Relations- Ms Laura Koskinen

Alumni relations are the key  in promoting employability of university graduates and making sure they have the skills that today’s working life requires. LinkedIn has a central role in TUAS’ Alumni Relations and we are currently mapping other useful tools to connect with our alumni and to create a more systematic approach that is beneficial for both parties. Join our discussion on how to get the most out of LinkedIn Alumni Tool and what are the best practices of building an alumni network.