Sharing Excellence Week for Administrative Staff 2019

ICT City, Joukahaisenkatu 3, Turku 3.6.2019 0:00


Sharing Excellence Week for Administrative Staff 3-7 June 2019

‘Excellence in action’ is the title of our strategy. Excellence is an important goal not only for students and lecturers, but also for staff working in administration, and it is an idea we would like to share with our colleagues from all over the world.

Now we would like to invite you to share your excellence with us!

What kind of excellence can be found in your own university? What kind of excellence would you like to learn from your colleagues? What could we do together in the future? Join us and share your expertise with your colleagues on our Sharing Excellence Week! You can also suggest a topic of conversation, or present some good practices from your own institution.

Updated Practical Info (03.06.2019)

Practical information

  • The registration will open in January.
  • The participation fee is 250 €. This fee will cover the lunches during the week and evening programmes on Monday and Thursday. The fee can be paid by credit card when registering or by using an invoice. The other costs, such as travel, accommodation and daily allowance expenses, should be covered by the participants.
  • Please register by 30 April, 2019. The registration form can be found here .
  • All registered applicants will be accepted to the week.
  • Please notice, that you will need the following information when filling in the registration form:
    • Credit card details OR
    • Information for an invoice: name of the organization, reference, street address, postal code, city, country and possible a VAT number, if required by your institution.
    • In case you cannot finish the application, please start the registration process again using the same link above.
  • Cancellations: Full return of the participation fee, if cancelled by 10 May, 2019, after which the participation fees will not be returned.
  •  Please make sure you book your accommodation as early as possible. You can find more info on accommodation in the Practical Info page.

Register by 30 April




The theme of the international week in 2019 is ‘Inclusion and Participation in Higher Education Communities‘.  The programme is partly intended for everyone, and partly theme-specific. Check the week’s timetable

The theme-specific programme is organized by the following units:


Communications Services

  • You will learn about our work at TUAS Communications Services through discussions arranged around the different areas of what we do, e.g. websites, intranet, social media, crisis communications and marketing.
  • Be prepared to participate in activity-based workshops on different topics and explore different methods of participation and inclusion through e.g. smartphone apps and social media.
  • Also, prepare to talk about your own work as well as the communications policies of your own institution and community.


Financial Services

Preliminary agenda


10:00-11:00    Introductions and presentations

11:00-12:30    Financial services in RDI activities

12:30-13:15    Lunch

13:15-14:00    Visit to ‘Jäätelökaverit’ ice cream kiosk in Kupittaa Park



10:00-12:00    Programme according to guests’ wishes

12:00-12:45    Lunch

12:45-14:00    Campus tour and visit to game lab


Human Resources

How to create a sense of belonging and increase participation – The HR perspective

Suitable for HR or staff development professionals and anyone interested in HR or staff participation. At TUAS, HR Services consists of employment issues, staff development, health & wellbeing, equality, travel services as well as staff internationalization and exchanges.

Participants may also present a best practice HR case from their own university (not compulsory, details will be sent to the participants closer to the event).

Wednesday, 5 June

9:30-10:00     Introductions

10:00-10:30   HR at TUAS – current topics and development projects for 2019

10:30-12:30   Discussion and benchmarking on the theme of the week in HR perspective:

  • How to include the staff in the development of the organisation?
  • How to create a sense of belonging and  increase participation?
  • Why is it important?

12:30-13:30   Lunch

13:30-14:30   Conversation on the theme continues

14:30-15:30  HR picnic in Kupittaa Park (if weather permits)


Thursday, 6 June

9:30-12:00  Job shadowing with TUAS HR staff (HR processes, health and wellbeing, staff development or travel services.)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-15:00 Work environment change — how to support the staff? Case example from TUAS. (Organized together with the Facility Services)


RDI Services

Wednesday, 5 June
9.00    TUAS RDI – Introduction – Ms. Johanna Krappe
Thinking Portfolio –presentation – Ms. Outi Pelkonen

11.30    Lunch

13:00    Social Inclusion and Participation in TUAS project work

14:00    Coffee break

14:30 -16:00 Places to visit:

  • #Factory
  • #e-RallyCross
  • Be Active Room
  • Virtual Reality as a communication tool for fire safety – Mr David Oliva


Thursday, 6 June
9.00    Presentations and introductions:

  • Strathclyde co-operation
  • First Beat- introduction

Lunch    11.30

13:00     Networking through projects, Jan-Hendrik Körber

14:00     Coffee break (Joki Visitor and Innovation Centre)

14.30-16:00 Places to visit:

  • Kunnonkoti, a model home for showcasing accessible living solutions
  • LiiLab


Services in International Relations and Mobility

Wednesday, 5 June:

9:00-9:30      Introduction of TUAS international activities

9:30-11.00     Speed dating: Everyone gets to know each other and share some thoughts about internationalization.

11:00-15:00   Learning Cafe (Lunch break at 12:00)

  • International week: a hit or a miss?
  • How to Get Staff Involved in International Activities
  • Best Practices of Student Orientation Preparation for Study Abroad
  • Tips for an International Campus
  • Benchmarking Practical Matters Related to Mobility (Erasmus+)
  • Erasmus+ Global Mobility

Thursday, 6 June:

9:30 – 11:30

  • Outgoing students
  • Incoming students
  • Student Ambassador Network in Turku

11:30-12:30     Lunch


  • Mobility Online
  • Internationalisation at Home


Staff and Student Involvement in Designing Working and Learning Environments

Suitable for anyone interested in designing physical or digital working and learning environments and spaces, for example staff in facility services, education services, HR and teaching staff.

Learn and share new ideas for boosting participation and empowerment in designing and implementing modern working and learning spaces! How to maximize success and the feeling of commitment.

We will give you a glimpse of the experiments and the work we have done at TUAS. Which methods have we found successful and which not. We will have a new modern campus building at Kupittaa area in 2020. The new building and remaining old buildings form one large campus area for working and studying. Many old buildings and premises have also undergone major changes and renovations. Most of the spaces will be available for students, staff and companies using our services based on needs in hand.

We have also started a development project for modelling our digital learning platforms and the whole digital learning ecosystem. We must have certain chosen services that everyone must use and certain supported services that we provide and support but the use is up to a teacher or a unit to decide. In addition, we have so many other services and applications that the internet is full of. These other services can be used but at own risk. One challenge with these other services nowadays is cyber security and GDPR. So the aim of our modest project is to model this ecosystem and fix the processes it contains. The digital ecosystem of the future must be flexible and up-to-date and enable modern working and learning.

We at TUAS try to combine social, physical and virtual learning environments in an effective, innovative and inspiring way. Based on our Innovation Pedagogy learning approach a social learning environment is formed by people with different talents and competencies and by the interaction enabling collaborative learning. How do physical and virtual environments support this? Come and find out!

The theme’s programme is mainly organized by the unit of Learning Environment Services and the unit of Facilities Management in cooperation with Human Resources Services.

The theme contains two perspectives:

  • physical environments
  • digital environments

Please inform us in the enrollment form if you are interested in physical or digital environments or both. Depending on the amount and the interest of participants we will have both themes partly separately or together as one theme.

We hope that before your visit you prepare for sharing some best practices in participation and empowerment that your home university has done during recent years.


University and Business Co-operation: From Customer to Partnership

Within the unit of Services for Business at TUAS, we focus on

  • customer segmentation in order to better serve our customers and provide them with the services they need,
  • creating and managing sustainable customer relationships that will develop into partnerships, and
  • promoting a customer-oriented approach in all sales and customer services operations at TUAS.


In our presentations and workshops, we will share our experiences and best practices related to e.g. customer segmentation, business cooperation, CRM system and promoting awareness of the services and trainings we offer to working life.


Wednesday 5 June

9.30–11.30 From customer to partnership
Ms Kirsti Virtanen, Partnerships Manager

Services for Business is the coordinating unit for business cooperation at TUAS. Our focus is on building long-term partnerships with our stakeholders and engaging them in our different fields of expertise and activities. Adopting a customer-oriented approach means a change in both attitude and action and requires efficient tools and training.

How do you manage and serve your customers?

Consistent customer service with joint practices
Ms Jenni Suominen, Project Advisor

 The marketing and sales processes at TUAS are monitored through our new CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics 365). A system that is used across the whole organization, with extensive data available internally, facilitates consistent and uniform customer services and shared processes and practices. Thanks to the system and the available data, we can more efficiently match the needs of a customer with our services.

Do you have experiences of a CRM tool and the advantages brought by consistent customer services practices to customer work?

11.30–13.00 Lunch at ICT-City

13.00–15.00 Customer segmentation: Who are our customers and what do we offer?
Ms Marianne Renvall, Key Account Manager

How can we identify our customers and provide them with the right services? Customer segmentation is crucial when we want to develop our marketing and sales processes. Through continuous communication with our customer in these processes, we can better understand and meet their needs. Customer feedback and analysis of customer experience will help us developing long-term customer relationships.

How do we know that we have succeeded? Join the discussion!

Thursday 6 June

9.30–11.30 Increasing awareness, promoting brand and engaging alumni
Ms Noora Viherpuro & Ms Mirva Virtanen, Communication Specialists

A higher education institution may have a range of high-quality services and trainings targeted at businesses as well as individuals. However, how to improve the awareness of these services and trainings? What communications channels do you use? Do you have an active alumni network or do you experience challenges getting your alumni engaged?

We will be working in small groups or workshops. Please be prepared to share the current challenges and best practices of your own organization.

11.30–13.00 Lunch at ICT-City