International Sharing Excellence Week for Administrative Staff

ICT City, Joukahaisenkatu 3-5 5.6.2017 15:30

‘Excellence in action’ is the title of our new strategy. Excellence is an important goal not only for students and lecturers, but also for staff working in administration, and it is an idea we would like to share with our colleagues from all over the world.

Now we would like to invite you to share your excellence with us!

What kind of excellence can be found in your own university? What kind of excellence would you like to learn from your colleagues? What could we do together in the future?
The theme of the international week in 2017 is ‘Supporting better life’.  The programme is partly intended for everyone, and partly organized by the different units of TUAS.

Join us and share your expertise with your colleagues on our Sharing Excellence Week! You can also suggest a topic of conversation, or present some good practices from your own institution. We accept all kinds of presenting methods, such as pecha kucha.


See all the locations and contact persons here

Practical information

  • Please note that there is a participation fee of 100 € for the Sharing Excellence Week. This fee will cover the lunches during the week and evening programmes on Monday and Thursday. The participation fee can be paid by credit card when registering or by using an invoice (an extra invoice fee of €5). The other costs, such as travel, accommodation and daily allowance expenses, should be covered by the participants. All registered applicants will be accepted to the week.
  • Before you start the registration, please have with you
    • Credit card details OR
    • Information for an invoice: name of the organization, reference, street address, postal code, city, country and possible a VAT number, if required by your institution.
  • In case you cannot finish the application, please start the registration process again using the same link above.
  • Cancellations: Full return of the participation fee, if cancelled by 12 May, 2017, after which the participation fees will not be returned.


You can find all the timetables here

Units organizing programme

Communications and Marketing

Suitable for those working with or interested in communications, marketing and social media.

The topics discussed include, but are not limited to, student and alumni cooperation in communications and marketing, especially admissions marketing. How to engage students and alumni in the cooperation to benefit both them and our UAS?

Additional topics include digitalization, utilizing social media in communications and marketing, and the use of internal channels of communication (intranet, Yammer etc.). What kind of challenges are brought by the increase of remote work, and how do these affect the internal communication within our universities?

Besides these, we invite the participants of the international week to suggest other themes and topics within communications and marketing to be discussed jointly. The programme also includes job shadowing, which has been proven an interesting and useful way of getting to know each other in the past international weeks.


Creating Innovative and Inspiring Learning Spaces

Suitable for anyone interested in designing physical learning spaces, for example staff in facility services, education services and teaching staff.

Learn and share new ideas for developing modern learning spaces! What kind of learning spaces support better life for students, staff and all the stakeholders?

In the strategic plan of TUAS 2015-2025 we have a bold statement: “Traditional, lecture-based classroom teaching will be renounced.” Come and find out what this means in developing physical learning spaces.

We will give you a glimpse of the experiments and the renewal work we have done concerning our physical spaces. We will have a new modern campus building at Kupittaa area in 2019. The new building and remaining old buildings form one large campus area for working and studying. Most of the spaces will be available for students, staff and companies using our services based on needs in hand. During the international week we will give you a tour in renewed buildings and spaces and give you a tour on our inspiring learning environment.

We at TUAS try to combine social, physical and virtual learning environments in an effective, innovative and inspiring way. Based on our Innovation Pedagogy learning approach a social learning environment is formed by people with different talents and competencies and by the interaction enabling collaborative learning. How do physical and virtual environments support this? Come and find out!

The theme’s programme is organized by the unit of Learning Environment Services and the unit of Facilities Management.

If you want to share some best practices you or your organization have done, feel free to contact us and we will try to fix your presentation inside the programme.


Future Learning Design

You are most welcome to develop new ideas around learning with our enthusiastic team members! 


The programme on Wednesday morning will be organized together with the Learning Environment Services Unit. We will then initially discuss the connection between the future learning spaces and modern pedagogy.

On Wednesday afternoon we will have a workshop on Innovation Pedagogy: This workshop will discuss the cornerstones of the approach, the future work skills for better life. The session will be carried out in an “unpredictable” way.

Thursday morning will be dedicated to two parallel sessions: e-learning and internationalization. The e-learning session will discuss digitalisation, physical and virtual learning spaces, the TUAS eTUBE training programme for the personnel. In terms of internationalization we would like to discuss the internationalization strategies, Internationalization on campus and in curriculum.

In all sessions you are welcome to present your own experiences and ideas about the topics discussed. Please let us know if you need any technical gear.



How to Support Better Life in The Staff and Student Mobility

Suitable for international office staff, international coordinators and anyone who’s interested in internationalisation.

How to support better life in the staff and student mobility? Find new ways to decrease bureaucracy to make the workload for international relations staff less demanding, to encourage the students to open their minds for internationalization and  to make the incoming students to feel at home in the new environment.

  • Student services for outgoing and incoming exchange students
  • How to cope with increasing bureaucracy caused by Erasmus+ programme? Solutions and experiences
  • Electronic services for exchange students (Mobility-Online)
Human Resources

Suitable for human resources professionals

At HR Services, we provide personnel management and development services for the staff of TUAS. We see to that it’s safe and nice for our staff to act and work in our operating environment.

We would like to invite colleagues with whom we can have discussions on various topics, such as staff development, IT systems in HR, well-being at work, travel services, and other HR processes.



Libraries Supporting Well-Being in Learning and Working

Suitable for libraries’ staff

We at TUAS Library and Information Services welcome all fellow librarians to share excellence in providing high-quality library and information services!

We are looking forward to discussing topics concerning change in libraries. The theme of the library is Libraries supporting well-being in learning and working, with the following subthemes:

  • Library and learning spaces in the future – supporting well-being for library users and library staff
  • Digitalisation – digital library services supporting well-being for students and library staff

TUAS Library and Information Services provides up-to-date resources in print and electronic format to support learning, teaching and RDI.



RDI Services


RDI Services offer support and guidance for the entire lifespan of projects. Our project experts help teachers and other staff with the preparation for a project, finding the best funding channels and applying for funding and in the implementation and final evaluation of your project.

We would like to discuss the following issues with our colleagues: Project management and maintenance, R&D future aspects at the univerisities, practical project managements, new tools for future dissemination, improving the competence of financial instruments, productization, and project idea meeting point.



Student  and admission services


Share experiences and practicalities how to support better life in the student office and/or admissions office. Discuss the meaning of these support services with your international colleagues and have new ideas to bring back!



University Services for Business, Community and Individuals


Customer-oriented continuing education and services

  • Services for business offer a diverse range of expert and training services for the development of organisations and individuals. Our students are a great resource and we encourage companies to take advantage of students’ knowledge, fresh ideas and enthusiasm.  We welcome colleagues to discuss how to develop the university services for business and society.


Career and recruitment services

  • What kind of recruitment services we offer for the students and employers? Each of us will shortly present the services offered by his/her university. Meeting with Finnish recruiters, discussing their opinion about recruitment needs and services.
  • Using personal evaluation tools to help students in identifying their strengths and talents. Not a job, not a traineeship but a place to learn – how to match students and employers projects?


Alumni relations

  • What sort of tools are useful in building alumni network? What is the role of alumni associations? Which amount of resources do alumni relations require? These and a dozen more questions are on the table when developing engaging content for your alumni. Alumni relations are key in promoting employability of university graduates and making sure they have the skills that today’s working life requires. LinkedIn has a central role in TUAS’ Alumni Relations and we are currently mapping other useful tools to connect with our alumni and to create a more systematic approach that is beneficial for both parties. Join our discussion on how to get the most out of LinkedIn Alumni Tool and what are the best practices of building an alumni network.